Turn any bottle or can into the fresh taste of draft.

  • Sleek, compact design, looks great in your kitchen or bar
  • Easy to use: insert beer, pull forward to tap, push back to top
  • Compatible with 12-25oz cans and 12oz bottles
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), so you can take it anywhere
Free aluminum tap handle with purchase until October 31 or while supplies last! Add both to cart and use code “BEERSHARE”
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Wht w/Alum Tap
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Take Your Beer to The Next Level

There's a time and a place for drinking beer straight from the bottle or can. That time is officially up. And that place no longer exists. With the Waytap you can enjoy fresh draft beer anywhere. The dense Fizzics Micro-Foam head enhances the texture and aroma, bringing out the full flavor of your favorite beer.

Frequently Asked Questions Quick Start Guide

A Well Crafted Beer


We know what you're thinking: keep science outta my beer! But in our thirst for great taste, we discovered that something magical happens when beer and sound waves mix: a more dense, longer lasting head that enhances the aroma, texture and taste. That's no science fiction!


With it's sleek, compact design, the Fizzics Waytap looks as great in the kitchen as it will on your bar. And because it's built with materials like corrosion resistant stainless steel and a durable matte finish, it's also a cinch to keep clean and will look gorgeous for years to come—pour after beautiful pour.


Simply put, the Fizzics Waytap pours a better beer. IPAs are more citrusy, stouts are more creamy and lagers are more crisp. It's the product of years of R&D and our relentless drive to deliver a premium beer experience to you. Cheers to that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Waytap different from the Original Fizzics?
The underlying technology for the two models is the same. The main differences are the Waytap features a more compact and modern design making it perfect for kitchen countertops. The Waytap is compatible with 12oz bottles and up to 25 oz cans, and comes in four amazing finishes.
What size bottles and cans does the Waytap work with?
The Waytap is compatible with 12 oz bottles and cans up to 25 oz.
Will the Waytap work with any beer style?
Yes, the Fizzics technology works with all beer styles including lagers, stouts, IPAs, sour beers, etc.
Do you need to buy CO2 or nitro gas cartridges?
No, there is no need to purchase any external CO2 or nitro gas cartridges. The Fizzics sound wave technology converts the CO2 already dissolved in the beer to create the ideal density head of Fizzics Micro-Foam when you push the tap handle backwards.
Does the Waytap need to be plugged into an outlet?
No, the Waytap uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

What's on tap from Fizzics?
Stay in the know.